Stephan Friedli
Designer and creative developer
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Hello World – I am Stephan, an experienced digital designer and creative front-end developer who loves to bring clarity to complex concepts through design. I have a genuine passion for inspiring design and innovative technology, I enjoy solving problems with clean scalable solutions. I'm a highly visual thinker who’s driven by designing elegant digital products and brand experiences. I have a strong foundation in graphic and interactive design, and an interest in user centred branding and visual systems, understanding their potential within digital spaces.

  • The latest news

I'm a big picture thinker and clear communicator who’s able to work both autonomously and collaboratively on projects that demand wide ranging skills in visual design, user experience, user interface, art direction, storytelling, prototyping and implementation. Throughout the years I have had the pleasure of working with a number of esteemed agencies including Hello Great Works, 1508, Spring/Summer, Make, Hjaltelin Stahl, AKQA, Kontrapunkt, Manyone and Designit.

  • Developing ideas

    A strong idea and the development of a solid conceptual framework is always my starting point. Finding the space where the clients thoughts and my design ideas merge and elevate each other to achieve an end product that truly represents and reflects the values of the client whilst managing to surprise and surpass expectations. The Henning Larsen site was developed in collaboration with Voodoo People and subtly integrates sketching and planning sourced from the architects process in the design. The site not only becomes a showcase of projects but also a tool for collecting inspiration and an ever changing active archive of the companys extensive portfolio.

  • Visual language

    Developing digital communication that also fuels and underlines the identity of a brand is essential. Using the digital platform as a starting point ensures that both physical and digital output and identity is in sync and can grow together to create strong brand value. Digital first does not mean digital only. The new website, web shop and visual identity for Laerke Andersen developed in collaboration with Sander Kuypers provides a playful yet coherent platform for the fashion brand. A fully formed visual world that reflects the brand and makes it possible to extract graphic elements directly from the website and adapt them to packaging, interior and print.

  • Interactive information

    Handling great amounts of information is an enjoyable challenge and presents an opportunity to engage my analytical skills and overview. I see complex websites as a chance to employ digital way finding, introducing new ways of navigating through different sections, revealing necessary information at the right points and providing a compelling platform for changing demands and dynamic content. The new digital platform for Torvehallerne was done in collaboration with Double Projects, the redesign incorporates video, digital way finding, maps and filtering of the 60 stalls in this gastronomic mecca located in central Copenhagen through a dynamic, engaging and user friendly experience.

  • Functional aesthetics

    Finding the right expression for function that underlines the content of the site and enables intuitive and uncomplicated user interaction is constantly present in my process. It involves many experiments with the aesthetics of function and how to best encourage users to keep exploring. This website for the artist duo PUTPUT seeks to accomplish just that, through colourful transitions between projects and dynamic elements the user becomes emerged in the visual universe that perpetuates the entire site whilst offering a wealth of information along the way.

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This selection of projects represents a few examples of recent work, I would be thrilled to show a more extensive portfolio at a personal meeting. Don’t be a stranger and let’s grab a coffee!